Six Physical Fitness Trends for 2018

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Six Physical Fitness Trends for 2018

Six Physical Fitness Trends for 2018

Physical Fitness Trend: Looking for inspiration to get yourself on the physical craze? Here are some trending topics to look into. There is no time like the present to get started.

Physical Fitness Trend 1: High-Intensity Interval Training

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) has become one of the hottest exercising routines. HIIT is simple, fast, effective and exactly for you if you have a tight schedule. HIIT is a simple concept that is proving to be very useful. You can burn more calories in half an hour as compared to an hour-long visit to the gym. Understanding HIIT is simple. HIIT requires you to switch between high intensity and low intensity/rest period over the span of 30 minutes. However, do not carry out HIIT on a daily basis. The high-intensity training can cause you to overdo your routine, increasing the chances of an injury.

Physical Fitness Trend 2: Group Training

Training alone is alright, but training in a group can be so much better. Get together with a group of friends and develop an exercising routine. Motivate each other and have fun while exercising. Maybe you can stop by a juice bar after your workout and chill.

Physical Fitness Trend 3: Get A Wearable Device

Everyone seems to be into Fitbit and other smartwatches these days. These wearables are a great way to not only motivate you to keep moving, but it also allows you to monitor your health. These devices are fashionable as well.

Physical Fitness Trend 4: Strength Training

Both men and women are now focusing on strength training. Strength training goes a long way in improving your physical fitness. It improves overall muscle mass, enhances metabolism and helps you burn more calories.

Physical Fitness Trend 5: Train yourself Using Just You

Yes, that’s right. You can use your own body weight to train yourself. No need to buy expensive dumbbells, rods, and whatnot to create an in-home gym. You don’t even need a gym membership for this. Just go onto YouTube and check out some of the exercises you can do at home using your body weight to improve yourself.

Physical Fitness Trend 6: Ketogenic – The Latest Dieting Hype

Ketogenic diets have become the latest fad. The concept is simple: do not eat foods that have a lot of carbs. It requires you to eat a reasonable amount of proteins and fat to reach a stage called ketosis. Since you are eating low carb foods, your body does not need to burn sugar and can focus on fat.

Physical Fitness Trend: Conclusion

Getting fit has become increasingly important. There are many things you can do to motivate yourself and join the cause. Take advantage of the many benefits these trends offer. Get a wearable, set up a HIIT, bodyweight strength training routine and decrease your intake of carbs to get yourself that summer bod that you want. Physical wellness is important but a well-rounded approach to you health is a must in this day and age. To learn more on how to get yourself to your prime read our detailed article on Wellness Boot Camp: Definition of Wellness.
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