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Quit smoking using NLP

Smoking is a very dangerous habit that effects the human respiratory system directly. It is a cause of many chronic diseases, especially cancer. It’s very difficult to quit smoking, but in today’s world, there are many methods and treatments that help to quit smoking. One of them is NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming). The practitioner of NLP challenges that they can help smokers quit smoking in just 60 minutes.

NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming)

NLP stands for Neuro-linguistic programming, Neuro refers to neurology, and linguistic refers to language and programming is the mechanism in which Neuro language works. In other words, NLP is the learning and understanding of your own brain language. Most of us have an unconscious relationship with our brain. We plan and think of something but the results are opposite to it. The best example of it is when we think we ordered a steak in a foreign country’s restaurant and it turned out to be a liver stew. This is what happens with our brain, we don’t know how to properly communicate with our brain. NLP is very helpful for quitting smoking. Many smokers have quit smoking using NLP. If you are thinking of using NLP to quit smoking you have to make a track of your smoking habit, how often you smoke and in which situations you smoke.

NLP for quitting smoking

NLP is a powerful mechanism to quit smoking. Most of the medicated treatments only help you resist from lighting up another cigarette, but NLP works very well because it will make the thought of another cigarette go away. NLP will change you so that you simply do not want another cigarette.If you are determined to quit smoking forever, you can do it with NLP. You can rewire your brain so that cigarettes will become disgusting for you. No temptation to overcome, it will just take you back to the state where you don’t smoke. The trick for this is to be determined to quit smoking but if you are slightly undetermined, it’s not going to work. Experts opinion has it, that its not about addiction it’s about you, whether you really want to quit smoking or not, ask yourself? There are four NLP technical steps to quit smoking

1.    Set an NLP Negative

Set a negative anchor in your
mind and keep repeating it again and again whenever you feel like smoking.
Think about the time when you wanted to quit smoking, think of your parents and
your loved ones who want you to quit smoking, think of the time when you get
sick due to smoking and bad breath caused due to smoking. Just think that you
have to win a war against nicotine, from now onwards you will win the war
because the minefield is your own body and you are the master of your mind and
you will make your body a hostile environment for nicotine and your mind is the
super weapon who will end the war.

2.    Reinforce the NLP

 Now it’s time to reinforce the anchor. Think
of every negative effect of smoking, every side-effect it caused and everything
bad about smoking. Focus on everything in slow motion and repeat it for three
four times. Keep reinforcing the anchor by pressing your left thumb knuckle
into a hard surface. The stronger you reinforce the anchor, the more easily you
quit smoking.

3.   Frame the anchor:

 After the first and second step you will have
many negative feeling for smoking and some of them will stick in your mind,
probably the nastiest ones. Just like the first step, list the reasons into an
overlapping highlight video. Make the video bold and loud. Sense the associated
smells, physical and emotional feeling that go with them. Step into the video
and increase the intensity further, repeat it for 5 times and every time
increase the picture size, make the sound louder till uncomfortable and keep
pressing  your left thumb into a hard
surface and contently reinforce the anchor.

4.   Break the cycle:

It’s time to break the cycle, the alarm in your mind, the need
for another cigarette, you are missing the taste and the smoke. If you have a cigarette near you avoid it, think about all the
negative effects it has, think about all the nasty pictures of smoking and if
you resist having a cigarette then take a deep breath and take it slowly keep
the breath in your mouth for some time. Think of your breath as an oxygen
cigarette and then inhale it like it’s a best and last form of cigarette on
earth, repeat it for five times and do this whenever you feel like smoking.

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