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Mental Wellness: Mind Serenity

Mental Wellness: Mind Serenity

Physical wellness is more apparent and simpler to comprehend as compared to mental wellness. Mental wellness is a completely different science that is affected by many interconnected internal and external forces. An individual must learn to control and interact with these forces to better understand and improve their mental wellness. This is by no means a reference from Star Wars and the force that surrounds everything, but it is a comparable to something that can be understood in simpler terms.

So What is Mental Wellness Exactly?

In the simplest terms, mind/mental, wellness is the well-being of one’s mind. This does not necessarily correlate to how peaceful someone is, but it is more about their thought process and the sharpness of their cognitive ability. As the saying goes, being mentally prepared for any challenge is just as important as being physically prepared. Without your mind working with your body, one will give in and you will be left behind.

How to Improve Mental Wellness

Improving mental wellness requires a training regimen much like a body requires exercise. Unlike the body, you can’t exactly exert a force on your mind. Instead, you need to train and challenge your thought process, improve your cognitive reactions, free your mind from anxiety, stress, depression and negative externalities. In addition, you need to do activities that can stimulate mental wellness, including yoga/meditation and playing games that require you to challenge your cognitive capabilities.

A Holistic Approach

One of the key aspects to train yourself mentally is to develop a routine that ensures your mind can function at its best. This includes many of the things you need to do to actually keep yourself physically fit as well, including eating balanced meals, drinking sufficient quantities of water and sleeping well. In addition, mental health requires you to maintain your composure in crunch situations. When you are mentally well, you have the ability to control your thoughts, emotions, and reactions. The sustenance of mental health is the accumulation of a lifestyle that can redefine the way you live.

Mental Wellness: An External Influences

Apart from the many internal dilemmas, there are many external influences that can affect an individual’s mental health. It becomes important to surround yourself with positive influences while reducing your exposure to negative vibes. Positive stimulus can include good friends, uplifting social conversations, friendly atmosphere, and calming environment. Negative vibes to include people that bring you down and distressful situations.
Why is Mental Health Important

Mental health is important because your body needs to be working in sync with your mind to be at your best. Improving your mental health will help you and your body function at a completely different level, allowing you to think, react and achieve.


Mind wellness is a crucial element in the wellness trifecta. It is just as important to train your mind as it is to train your body. Your body needs your mind to function at the same pace and level without being brought down by negativities. Someone that has a strong mental approach in a stressful situation can make the difference between someone who can go the distance to someone who crumbles under pressure.
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