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Floating Heaven

Floating: We are living in a time where we are constantly moving. The world has become a menacing battleground that has wrecked havoc on everything around us. We are in a constant fight and struggle against time and everyone else. Stress, tension, and anxiety have engulfed us. We are always struggling to get through the day. Everyone needs an escape every now and then.

Floating 101

If you are looking to get away from the daily grind and just go to a space where you can feel nothingness, floating is your answer. This does not mean going to a swimming pool and just floating on your back endlessly. To float is to feel completely weightless while the world around us disappears. To accomplish that, you need to visit a floating center!

A floating center is equipped with something called an isolation chambers (aka sensory deprivation tanks and float tanks). While it sounds exciting and scary at the same time, spending half an hour in an isolation chamber can change your life. The chamber is designed to completely isolate you so that you can relax, calm down and refresh yourself both physically and mentally. It is the perfect getaway from the daily routine.

A float tank is a small chamber that contains water mixed with epsom salt. Float centers have one tank in each room to give users complete privacy. You can either choose an open tank or a closed tank depending on what the center offers.

Floating, how does it work?

Once inside the tank, you will lie down on your back. The mixture of water and salt allows you to float effortlessly in the water. This makes you feel completely weightless. The tank/room is designed to eliminate external noise to ensure you can easily relax and let go of all your worries. While floating, you will slowly begin to feel a lightness inside. The float tank eliminates external stimuli and ensures that your body can focus on the moment. This form of meditation slowly reduces some of your senses. However, eliminating senses for long periods of time can have side effects.

Benefits of Floating

The environment that a float tank creates allows you to completely relax and let go of your senses. Many people have reported differing experiences. To some, this is a form of meditation. To others, it provides an “outer body” experience. Regardless of how the effect is “felt,” float tanks are proven to help you both physically and mentally. In fact, there has been scientific research that proves float tanks can help in the treatment of chronic conditions such as hypertension and musculoskeletal pain.

Float tanks are the perfect opportunity for an individual who wants to get away from the world. Many of the benefits include:

  • Reduces stress

  • Lowers pain and inflammation

  • Lowers blood pressure

  • Reliefs joint pains

  • Helps manage insomnia

  • Improves the immune system

  • And many more


A float tank provides you with an ideal opportunity to completely escape the world. It allows you to enter a “zen-like” state that will heal, relax and refresh your mind and body. It has proven to be effective in helping pain management as well. In fact, many athletes use float tanks to heal their body after training/matches. Float tanks are an exciting experience that will help you feel better than you ever did before.
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